We offer a Fixed Fee for our Professional

Our consultants are not sales people. They are there to take your
instructions .

We arrange a visit at your home or workplace at a time that suits you.

Our consultant will explain all the points that you need to consider.
Together you can discuss the details of how your wishes can be included in your

Peace of Mind

Put an end to uncertainty. Give your family the security of knowing you have
written a legally valid Will. Make sure that your wishes are carried out as you
have arranged.

Professional Service

Take advantage of a company that specialises in writing Wills for people like
you. Our unique system gives you the most efficient and modern method of
recording your exact instructions.


Discuss your wishes in the comfort of your own home. Arrange to give the
instructions for your Will at the time that suits you best.

Value for Money

There is only one fixed fee for writing your Will. Nearly all family
arrangements can be accommodated with a comprehensive range of options.

Your Guarantee

Each drafted Will is created by a legal executive. All clauses used are well
established by legal precedent and every Will produced ensures that your
instructions are presented in the way that you intended.

Product Price List

Joint/mirror WillBusiness Will £130From £250
Discretionary trusts
Discretionary trusts
Disabled trust £250
Protective property wills trust
Protective property wills trust
Lasting power of attorney
£140 (plus registration fee
Lasting power of attorney
£210 (plus registration fee
Advance directive (living will)
Severence of tenancy £70
Lifetime storage (cost per
Codicil £20
Probate Price on
Property transfer Price on

All prices include an initial visit to your home daytime or evening.

Trusts are priced on a per will basis. Severancy of
tenancy is priced per property